Encrypting a flash drive mac

How to easily encrypt USB drives on macOS

Click the Erase button in the lower right-hand corner of the window and Drive Utility will then prompt you to enter a password before it begins the process to erase and encrypt the media.

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Please remember to use a password that is not only hard for someone to figure out but one that you can easily remember. Please also note that if you cannot remember the password you used when formatting and encrypting the media, then you will not be able to access the data contained on that media.

This step helps to prevent data loss that can result by simply pulling the media out of your Mac. When encrypted media is plugged into your Mac, you will be prompted to enter the password you selected in order to access the data on that media. The media is not compatible with Windows or any other operating system i. Windows or other operating systems will not be able to access the data contained on the media.

Inside the Application folder on your Mac, double-click on Utilities. Locate and double-click Disk Utility to launch it.

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Next, click on the Erase tab. Choose the format you want to use for encryption. Here there are two.


Now click Erase to start the formatting process. Warning: This erases all contents on the target drive. Make sure you back up all data you need before you proceed. Enter a password. The more complicated the password, the better the protection.

How to Encrypt a USB Drive

Use a mixture of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Hit Erase once more. This starts the formatting process.

1. Rohos Mini Drive: Create an Encrypted Partition

In macOS Mojave, you can choose to encrypt and decrypt disks on the fly Attach the USB flash drive to your Mac and locate its disk icon on. In Disk Utility on your Mac, protect an external volume's sensitive information by requiring users to enter a password to access its files.

Click Cancel to stop at any point. Click Unlock and your drive is immediately mounted and available to you and your Mac. The contents are accessible until you eject the drive. IT Strategy. Digital Business. Project Management. Programming Languages.

Password Protect an External Drive in Mac OS X with Encrypted Partitions

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How to Encrypt a USB Drive on a Mac (2017)

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Sign up for our newsletter:. Have you tried creating an encrypted flash drive? This free program is available in two formats. As an alternative, you can use a third-party encryption tool that will allow you to unlock it from any machine as long as you know the password. All rights reserved. You can simply copy the encryption process back to it after the encryption process is complete.

David G. Heck, some of the text is grey on black; how in the world could that ever be seen as anything close to desirable for tutorials for the masses? Exactly why I came to comment. In a dark environment, with dark surroundings, I believe dark mode is awesome. In a bright context mac rumors home page for example , its just terrible. MR editors take note!! Is there a way to force this to back up to iCloud? Thanks I played around with it, and it looks like you can copy the entry from the login Keychain and paste it into the iCloud Keychain. But instead of keeping the drive name, it changes it to the UUID of the drive.

I right clicked and copied it from login then right clicked and pasted in iCloud Keychain and it made the new entry you see here in the iCloud Keychain. Presumably this would sync along with everything else in the iCloud Keychain. I have not tested if you delete this entry from login Keychain if this iCloud entry will unlock the drive. Can you encrypt a spinning external hard drive, after it is full of data?

Dark mode is beautiful! One thing I like about Mac OS is the ease of encrypting personal data. Emanuel Rodriguez. The only caveat is that it depends on how full the disk is.

APFS doesn't need to make extra room, though. Westside guy.

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