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Pages for Mac: Add page numbers in a Pages document

Toggle menu visibility. Ask Another Question. Toggle action bar FAQ Actions. Print Tweet Share on Facebook Was this helpful? Answered By: Alyssa Mitchell. Microsoft Word instructions: From the menu, click on the Insert tab. Tab over twice and type in the numeral 1.

How to Make Page Numbering Not Appear on the First Page of a Document or Section

Go to the 2nd page of your paper. The number 2 should already be there. Type in your title or abbreviated title in all caps in front of the 2. Tab the 2 over to the right side of the header. Click on the red "X" to close the Header and Footer Tools. Microsoft Word , click here or read on: From the menu, click on the Insert tab.

On the toolbar that appears, choose the Page Number option. Select the option you want usually top of the page. Go to the menu, at the top of the page, under Header and Footer Tools , click the box that says Different first page. Your cursor should now be at the top of page 1 in the header box. Set the cursor just to the left of the number 1 and type Running head: and then your abbreviated title in all caps. Use the backspace key to set your title to the left and then use the tab key to move the page number back to the right hand side usually 2 tabs.

Close the header and footer red x on the top right-hand side of the page Go to page 2 of your document or if you haven't started writing it, insert a page break and delete the phrase Running head, leaving just your abbreviated title.

Advanced Page Numbers in Word Mac 2011 2015

On page 1, Running head will remain in your first page header, and only your abbreviated title will appear on subsequent pages. It's easier to set up the pages before you start writing the paper.

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Warning: Your browser has javascript disabled. Helpful website; first timeā€¦ I am preparing a court filing and have several pages before the beginning of the brief which includes a cover page, table of contents and table of authorities, which are page numbered with small romans i, ii, etc. Search Forum with Google. Was struggling terribly prior. I always forget a couple of the steps and then i'm stuck. Usually I can figure out stuff like this but this really stumped me so thank you so much for this. Why is it greying out page numbers?

Double click the header area of the document. Comments Thank you so much, it is ridiculous how difficult this was. I don't understand why Word made this so hard to add a header and page numbers on the same line. Thanks for the help! Thank you so much, this was a giant help!! Thanks for the step-by-step guide. It was extremely helpful! This helped me tremendously! It was very difficult for me to figure it out until i found this.

Q. How do I format my paper with page numbers and the phrase Running Head on only the first page?

Thank you so much. I have to come back to this for every paper because it is so ridiculously difficult and I can never remember these steps! Thank you for your help. You are a life saver! Thank you. I always forget a couple of the steps and then i'm stuck. Thanks for the step-by-step help.

This was excellent.

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I was able to set paper up quickly. Was struggling terribly prior. You win the internets. Thank you so much!!! I searched templates in word and chose apa. A million thanks.

Why can't they make it simple? Thank you so much!

Beginning page numbers anywhere after the first page

Particularly with landscaped pages, it is often helpful to break the connection in the header as well as in the footer. You have now successfully unlinked footers of these sections. Any page numbers you put in the body of your document will not affect the page numbering of your front matter, and vice versa. University of Michigan Library Research Guides.

Ask a Librarian. This guide will help you use Microsoft Word for your dissertation.

Topics include: formatting page numbers, using chapter templates, footnotes, images, and figures. Some screenshots may come from a previous version of Word, but remain relevant. Page Contents This page will inform you about page numbers, including: Adding page numbers general information Using sections to control page numbering Breaking the connection between sections Adding the page numbers.

Editing the Header and Footer In Word, you can edit the headers and footers by double clicking in the space in which they appear on the document. Contact Us - Privacy Statement - Top. User Name.

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