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But I think you should understand every line of code you are dumping into your environment, whether you are using oh-my-zsh or not. All those scripts you have around have! You can arrow-up to go to previous commands just like in bash. But if you start a command say, ssh and then arrow-up you will then be cycling back through the last ways you entered that command.

Use Homebrew zsh Instead of the OS X Default : Rick Cogley Central

Super convenient. Or, if you'd like to do this in Bash, and any program that uses readline: And since that's a default keybinding, it works on any machine I touch. I recently moved from tcsh to zsh, and this is one thing that seems to be a bit weird in zsh. And that's why no one wants to bother switching. Actually, that's exactly why I switched. I was just trying to help out somebody who does, so there's hardly any reason to be an ass. To be honest, I tried it years back and liked it, but forgot about it and didn't miss it.

I may try it again sometime. All I'm saying is that most people won't like something that offers no immediate major benefit and has annoying defaults that they have to find an obscure setting to fix. This is probably why so few use emacs, even though it is awesome: Everything has annoying defaults until you either change them or get used to them. Excuse the nitpick, but what you meant to say is "All those scripts having!

Of course, a script that has! It's different when you source a script usually done using the eponymous shell built-in since then the shebang line will be treated as a comment and ignored, and all other lines in the script will be executed in the context of the current shell. For number 2, this has been the default for tcsh for years now Me too; I actually use up arrow for history-search-backward and also bindkey -v, so ESC-k gives me a non-search history like the default up arrow behaviour.

BCM43 on Apr 27, Not exactly, but similar.

Over 10 years ago we added bash to our standard software that will be on every system we have, which means I know that my bash configuration will be the same across every single platform. CJefferson on Apr 27, Scripts with no ' ' line at the top are run in bash by bash, and in sh by zsh at least on my machine. I had a program which used a bunch of such scripts, which broke in zsh.

I tried, for a week, got very frustrated and switched back. The little itch that drove me crazy was command-line editing: I tried various hacks to make zsh do the same, then gave up. This makes Alt-Backspace do the same thing as Ctrl-W, which is delete-everything-until-the-next-space. I'm missing the delete-last-segment-of-the-path function.

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  • Zsh Shell doesnt work.
  • Zsh Shell doesnt work.

I'm looking through the command list in zshzle 1 , and I'm a bit confused about the differences between backward-delete-word and backward-kill-word. It works as you want for me, but there may be some other config item I've set.

follow link The other alternative is to try: I haven't looked at it enough to see if you can get both behaviours simultaneously though and it requires a fairly recent zsh iirc. So you could say bash is the Internet Explorer of shells.

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It's the default, it's what most people use, and it's good enough. No, I would not say that. Internet Explorer is the default on Windows because Microsoft makes it, not because it's the best option for a default. Bash is the default because it's the best shell to be used as a default.

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Nobody is twisting the arm of any distribution, but they set it as the default anyway. There's a reason for that. I think that reason is mostly inertia. Also, because it's GNU. But that's just Linux. The BSDs don't see bash as the best default, where it tends to only be available as an optional package. Because it was at some point when the decision was made, for a few distributions.

How often is this decision re-evaluated? Bash has come a long way since then and it's just a "brew install bash" away. There's absolutely no good reason to stick with the version that ships with OSX for your personal shell.

Upgrade zsh with brew

I may try it again sometime. Next, try echoing an environment variable case matters:. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. My suggestions for bash users who want to get more out of their interactive shell are: I tried, for a week, got very frustrated and switched back. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten:

They're certainly capable of doing so, both legally and physically. They choose not to. GPL3 is toxic. Not really. It was possible with GPL2. The only reason not to use GPL3 1 is when you don't want the three things I listed above taken from you. Should you want to educate yourself, here's a link that explains it pretty well: It's very different with AGPL. But no luck. See here.

Sorry for misleading you, I totally forgot about that. If that works ill update my answer.

Use Homebrew zsh Instead of the OS X Default

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