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The 200 Best Free VST Plugins Ever

A selection of free audio editors, digital audio workstations, and other applications that host VST plugins:. An archive of freeware VST plugins which are not supported anymore. These plugins are hosted on BPB with the permission of their developers. The technology allows music producers to load third-party audio effects and virtual instruments in their digital audio workstation. Virtual Studio Technology was introduced by Steinberg back in and has made a massive impact on the way we make music today.

A VST plugin is a software effect or a virtual instrument intended for use in a host program that supports Virtual Studio Technology. VST plugins are used to expand a digital music studio, the same way hardware effects and instruments are utilized in a real studio. There are literally thousands of VST plugins available for free download on the internet. As a result, we have created this free VST directory to help music producers find the right tools.

Choosing the right audio software and learning to use it properly will ensure an efficient workflow when producing music. Therefore, make sure to familiarize yourself with the software available in your VST plugin collection.

No one wants to use a complex plugin for the first time during a critical mixing session. First of all, you need to choose the right digital audio workstation. To be exact, DeEss is open-source, meaning that we might even encounter other plugins which will use its underlying technology in the future.

Best Free VST Effects

For these reasons, please consider supporting Airwindows through their Patreon page. More info: DeEss. Sitala is a minimal drum sampler plugin developed by Decomposer. Most digital audio workstations nowadays include a native sampler of some sort, but most of them attempt to provide as many features as possible to the end user.

Decomposer tried to fix this issue by developing a drum sampler plugin which only offers the most necessary features in a super-streamlined user interface, allowing beat makers to unleash their full creativity. Once an audio file is loaded, the user can quickly browse through the other samples located in the same folder.

Free VST Plugins Directory

Thanks for the comment and enjoy the plugins. Real Drum Samples Line of Legends is a single great sounding hip-hop drum kit in an unassuming package. JUCE is well known for its stability and compatibility. Alan Vista Cymbalistic continues in the same vein with a realistic set of common drum kit cymbals with articulations and variable release times. Try putting it over a sharp lead synth and crank up the time setting and you will know what I mean. Bark of Dog 2 is a freeware VST plugin designed for cleaning up and enhancing the bass frequencies of an audio signal.

Each sample can be compressed, tuned, and filtered individually. The plugin also features MIDI learn and the ability to export saved drum kits for later use.

VST-Mac Plugins

Most importantly, Sitala offers multiple outputs so that each sample can be further processed using external effects. More info: Sitala.

TOP 10 Best FREE VST Plugins 2018

It is a valuable visualization tool for music producers who want to master their tracks at home and compete with professionally mastered commercial releases. More info: Youlean Loudness Meter 2. Wider is another simple freeware VST plugin that does its job amazingly well. Developed by Polyverse Music in tandem with Infected Mushroom, it is based on the stereo width module found in their commercial product called Manipulator. What makes Wider different from other similar plugins on the market is its ability to broaden the stereo width of a signal without causing phasing issues when played in mono.

When used with a bit of caution, Wider is one of the best free VST plugins for boosting the stereo width while keeping the mix compatible with almost any type of playback system.

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More info: Wider. Both instruments feature powerful wavetable oscillators accompanied by built-in effects and vast modulation capabilities. Literally out of nowhere, Vember Audio announced that Surge went open-source in August The news about the announcement was the most popular article of here at Bedroom Producers Blog.

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Also included is a noise generator with variable spectrum. The synthesis engine consists of two multi-mode filter units, a waveshaper, a feedback loop, nine built-in effects, and twelve LFO modules per voice. Despite its age, Surge sounds very modern, with a digital tonal character that is similar to popular commercial instruments like Massive and Serum. A Mac-compatible version of Surge is hopefully coming soon, considering that the plugin is now open-source.

More info: Surge. Dragonfly Reverb is based on the Hibiki hall reverb algorithm from the open-source Freeverb 3 suite. It is a true stereo modulating hall reverb that sounds great when used on vocals, orchestral instruments, and other sound sources which benefit from being placed in a natural sounding space. Freeverb 3 is well-known for its high-quality open-source reverb algorithms, but it always lacked in the user-friendliness department. The plugins based on it suffer from poorly designed GUIs and unintuitive control parameters.

Michael Willies managed to fix this issue with Dragonfly Reverb, delivering a freeware reverb VST plugin which sounds fantastic while being easy to operate. The interface features controls for early and late reflections, reverb size, stereo width, pre-delay, and decay time parameters.

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Additionally, it is possible to control the diffusion and the tone of the reverb signal. The included presets are organized into five categories rooms, studios, small halls, medium halls, and large halls for easy browsing. More info: Dragonfly Reverb.

2. TAL-NoiseMaker

the OS used is Mac OS X (Mountain Lion) – i tested the plugins in Ableton Live 9 / Renoise / some free VST & AudioUnit host softwares. Here is the SYNTH ANATOMY list of the best free Synthesizer plugins for PC & Mac ranging from virtual analog, FM, percussive to modular.

DLYM can deliver anything from subtle flanging and phasing effects to extreme chorusing and aggressively out-of-tune effects. The plugin features a clean-looking user interface with a live waveform display.

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The user can adjust the delay time and feedback amount, the modulation depth and rate, and the stereo spread of the processed signal. DLYM includes six different modulation waveforms which can be synced to host tempo. The plugin includes 20 presets which are a good indication of the different types of modulation that can be achieved.

Regrader took everything we think we knew about delay effects and flipped it upside down. The feedback path features multiple processing modules which are used for filtering, modulating, bitcrushing, and distorting the audio feed. The plugin comes with a retro-looking user interface and works on both PC and Mac.

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Music producers who are looking for unique sound processing tools to add to their arsenal should definitely take note of Regrader. More info: Regrader. The company keeps releasing new expansion packs for LABS and they never cease to amaze us with the quality of their free content. Each LABS library released so far had something special about it, be it the subdued tones of Soft Piano , the instant playability of Drums , or the unusual character of Charango. There are eight expansion libraries for LABS available at the moment and hopefully, many more coming in the future.

Top 50 Best Free VST Plugins Of 2017

Feature-wise, LABS is a simple plugin. It comes with only a couple of macro controls which affect the reverb amount and, in some instances, the tonal balance of the loaded preset. More info: LABS. Bark of Dog 2 is a freeware VST plugin designed for cleaning up and enhancing the bass frequencies of an audio signal. Based on the legendary Pultec EQP-1A equalizer, Bark of Dog 2 can be used to boost and cut two different low-end frequency regions simultaneously.

Increasing the value of the boost parameter will perform the classic push-pull EQ trick on the frequency range targeted by the user. More info: Bark of Dog 2. It is a freeware emulation of a hardware distortion pedal designed and manufactured by Ignite Amps.

The distortion it delivers is both creamy and aggressive sounding, with a character that is similar to the legendary Tube Screamer pedal. Although primarily meant for use on heavy metal guitars, ProF. Thanks to the tone controls and the adjustable input gain, the distortion can go anywhere between subtle to brutal. We tested it on synthesizers and electronic percussion with great results.

You can also try using it on a send channel for subtle parallel processing.