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Keep up the good work :- — kjen I have just discovered your wonderful FreeFileSync software. For years I've been using ViceVersa which runs on Windows.

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Now I have moved everything to Linux, and searched for a ViceVersa replacement in vain. But the discovery of FreeFileSync changed everything. Out goes ViceVersa and I have yet another native Linux app. Just had to say that FreeFileSync is really great. It's like the best and simplest out of all sync programs and I have tried quite a few, including famous ones. Thank you very much for your time and effort creating this software for the common good. I think your FreeFileSync application is pretty awesome.

Previously I've been using FolderMatch v3. Really great job! Honestly, I can't remember ever donating to free-ware before but I'm so impressed with FreeFileSync I felt it would be wrong not too! An excellent program with several unique features of its own. Can handle some stuff that even some fully commercial products can't. Zenju is very responsive to queries, active in the help forums and always striving to make it better.

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What more can we ask? I like it so much I've hit up Paypal and sent him some cash. Well worth it. Thank you for your amazing work! Awesome program to sync files! It has extended features and allows quite some customization. Batch mode allows custom automation from command line without missing features , which is very helpful for me. Best file sync tool especially for a mirror data backup. It would be nice to have an online mirror backup. And it's free!! I have used this program for about years now. And it is simply amazing.

I had been looking for a program like this for years. The one I used to have was ViceVersa, until it became too expensive. It's so simple to use, but also customizable. You can change the behaviour of individual files. Simply the best. Zenju did such a good job creating this.

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The best of all I tried Synctoy, Robocopy, etc. Easily automated using Windows Task Scheduler.

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Support is excellent, better than I've ever seen from anyone! FreeFileSync is an impeccable program that we recommend to each and every one of our customers for backing up their data. Super software! After 3 years of use I have only good impressions!

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Thanks and good luck! This program is outstanding. Very easy to use and setup.

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Does what it says on the tin! Easy to use and works exactly as I need. I've tried many other free software titles but this one beats them all! Simple, easy and fast! Definitively the best sync program available. I've tried multiple others, even commercial ones.

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The success of the alchemy. We recommend you take the total size of your source files and budget at least twice as much space on your destination disk. I have a soft spot More than one won't understand my stand, but I've been let down just this once too many I've been playing around with a number of Twitter clients which offer push notification in one way or another, and the the closest I got to finding what I'm looking for was Tweet Push.

No comparison to this one! Very reliable application. It has everything you need for local files synchronization. Fast and easy to use. Allows me to sync selected directories between laptop and desktop quickly and accurately. Options include sync, two-way update, and clone. Works with Win 8. Surely the best sync application currently including paid ones. Simply the best and works flawlessly.

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Si la taille d'un compte de messagerie que vous utilisez dans Mail sur votre Mac dépasse la limite de stockage, essayez les solutions suivantes. Use Mail on your Mac to import emails and mailboxes in Apple Mail or mbox format and to export mailboxes in mbox format.

Meets the requirements of people who have to work on multiple systems. The best sync util I've found. I am using it since version 3. It is the easiest way to keep a complete synced mirror from my laptop to my desktop user's folder. Highly recommended!!! This is the best file copy and sync program which I have ever used. The file filter specification inclusion and exclusion brings incredible power to this free software. Thanks for showing us that free can be much better than paid software. We use this app in our 2-man team to keep Dropbox and several PCs in sync.

No issues whatsoever. Highly recommend.

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Very good app. Helps me sync between PCs and portable hard drives. The best backup app I've used. Best of all, it's free! Works perfectly! I use it to backup files from my Uni-Server Keeps me up to date every week with one click.

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Great app and very useful tool. Has everything you can imagine for file synchronization.

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Saved my life in the most critical times Recommended to everyone. FreeFileSync just makes things easy by improving over successive versions. Strongly recommended!! I love this application. It is simple to setup and use and extremely useful. Have used it for moving files server to server, backing up my documents, and even keeping my ISO directory in multiple places. I used Richcopy to copy terabytes of data from one set of drives to another.

Then I found this tool and found that Richcopy didn't copy thousands of files. FreeFileSync found the missing files and copied them over for me fast and pain-free.