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It is literally just a description of the browser. The server then determines what to send back based on that. Not even close.

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Safari 12 running on macOS Mojave. Safari 13 includes several new features such as prompting users to change weak passwords, FIDO2 USB security key authentication support, Sign in with Apple support, Apple Pay on the Web support, and increased speed and security. Safari 8 introduced the following features, available on OS X Yosemite: [48]. In order to leverage browshot. Retrieved August 19,

Safari on iPad changes how it responds to certain events in on the page. There is no re-rendering.

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Need to test a site or web application on mobile? Here is how to set up emulation testing for iOS and Android devices on Mac OS X or. you can open mobile websites on your Mac in Safari running macOS. Secondly, if you are a developer, you can test your website without.

The big obvious one is that if an element has both a hover and a click event, iPad Safari sends the hover first, then waits to see if the page changes at all as it would on any desktop browser when hovered over, i. If the page doesn't change it sends the click after a short delay a couple hundred milliseconds is what they said in the session on Desktop class browsing at WWDC.

The big change is that Safari on iPad now reports, via the user agent, that it is MacOS, not iOS, and they've updated how it handles events that can have conflicts on a touch based device. Well, I understand how this could be confusing, but the iPhone did change mobile Internet. DO you remember how things were before the iPhone? The iPhone did improve things a lot and of course content was made especially for the iPhone. Websites are optimised for the iPhone and work really nice on the iPhone.

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On the iPad though, all we got was the same browser, with the same restrictions, with no way to distinguish between Safari on the iPhone and on the iPad. This is apparently changing now, so let's hope that we will get a better experience in Safari on the iPad.

Safari changelog

Like what, requesting a desktop version of a website? Because IMO it is painful to use full-sized websites on a phone-sized screen, especially when you consider the fact that they were only 3. Mobile-optimized websites do work fine in theory, it's just a matter of when they actually work, and Google clearly is the one at fault for not making their own websites properly support phones. Stupid developers doing stupid things with user agent strings and crap they shouldn't be messing with.

Mobile first with progressive enhancement. Boom, done. Don't get why so many companies and developers don't do this.

If anything it's easier than making a bunch of custom versions for different user agent strings. You only maintain a single codebase for your site, and everything is neatly packaged into breakpoints with fewer and fewer modifications as you scale up. Build your site to be lean and functional on mobile and you have a great foundation for a desktop class site from the start. Instead, a lot of companies keep their existing desktop site and do stupid device tests that load completely separate bits of code.

Sometimes the iPad version is so stripped down that it's practically unusable. Drives me crazy because it doesn't have to be that way.

5 Ways to Turn Any Website Into a Desktop Mac App

Since iPhone was first revealed and many websites are completely unusable on iOS. It's often like or a lot worse browsing the web on iPhone.

Katalon Studio 21 - How to do Mobile (android) Testing on Mac OS - 7 STEPS

Wake up lazy webmasters! There's a billion of us iPhone users. None of this is on Apple. The iPhone did provide a desktop class browser back in If you compared it to what was available on Symbian, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry, it was like night and day. It's the web developers that crafted mobile-optimized sites who made phones feel second class again.

Mobile on macOS

What's going on is that iPad will no longer identify as a mobile device, so webservers will properly serve non-mobile sites to it. Needs comparison with Chrome on ChromeOS which is the gold standard for desktop class browser on mobile devices. I just wanna be able to log into my damn Synology router on my iPad instead of having to be at my Mac or remoted into my pc on my iPad.

MacBook Pro Fall ? Possible high-end inch model. See Full Product Calendar. MacRumors has received a potential image of Apple's rumored inch MacBook Pro with three distinct design aspects: slimmer bezels around the display, a standalone Touch ID sensor, and a physical And when you start entering a URL of the already-open website, Safari will forward you to its corresponding tab. Some Safari features are exclusive to the iPad version of Safari—such as desktop websites and dragging to create new windows in side-by-side multitasking mode—while others are universally available across all supported iOS devices.

What do you think of these Safari changes? Desktop websites Safari now automatically displays desktop versions of websites you visit. Easier multitasking Safari on iPadOS makes it easy to see webpages side by side. Download manager Safari is bringing a dedicated download manager to the experience. Photo upload resize This another under-appreciated Safari feature has been around for years now.

Tidbits In addition to these major features, Safari in both iPadOS and iOS 13 is packed to the gills with a bunch of under-the-hood tweaks and nice-to-haves.

On top of that, there are some noteworthy touches. Safari changelog Some Safari features are exclusive to the iPad version of Safari—such as desktop websites and dragging to create new windows in side-by-side multitasking mode—while others are universally available across all supported iOS devices.

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And thanks to website scaling, these desktops sites take full advantage of the large iPad screen. Drag to create windows : Quickly open another Safari window by dragging the content like a URL into its own space, creating a side-by-side browsing environment. Keyboard shortcuts : Navigate the web even faster with over 30 new keyboard shortcuts when you use an external keyboard. Faster scrolling : Scrolling within web pages is faster and more fluid.

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Download manager : Safari now packs in a dedicated download manager with background support. Not only does it let you see download progress, but also drag and drop any downloaded item into another app. Weak password warnings : Safari will warn you if you attempt to use a weak password when signing up for a new website account.

Siri suggestions : Siri now offers personalized suggestions in Safari based on your browsing history, links sent to you in the Messages app and more. Save open tabs as bookmarks : You can save a set of open tabs to your bookmarks.