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2. VMWare Fusion

Apple's Boot Camp allows you to install Windows alongside macOS on your Mac. Only one operating system can be running at a time, so you'll. PC emulation software enables you to run Windows platforms and programs on Macs. This means that you can open a Windows OS within a Mac OS with a PC emulator installed on an Apple Macintosh! The first is virtualization software that emulates operating systems with virtual machines.

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How to Run Windows Apps and Games on macOS (OS X) [NO VirtualBox / No Emulators]

Basilisk II. Setup SheepShaver for Windows.

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Setup SheepShaver for Linux. Setup Basilisk II for Windows.

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Setup Basilisk for Windows. Setup Basilisk II for Linux.

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Setup PearPC for Windows. Setup Mini vMac for Windows. More Guides. The parallels Desktop supports the cross-platform apps and runs any windows software program on Mac smoothly. The software programs run with the Parallels Desktop looks like they are optimised for the Mac OS environment.

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This is an advanced Windows emulator program, which is not limited to Windows only. The users also have the option of Free Trial, but with the limited set of features available in Free Trial version.

The VMWare Fusion is not only the Emulator program that allows you to run apps on Mac, but it will enable you to run entire operating systems on Mac. With the VirtualBox for Mac, users can run Windows operating system in Windowed mode and use the apps designed for Windows with the native feel.

The DOS game emulator that’s fit for your Mac.

The VirtualBox supports the Hardware Graphics Acceleration, so the Emulated Windows software programs get access to Graphics hardware and provide the smooth user experience. The VirtualBox program is available for free of cost. In our list of Best Windows Emulator for Mac , we have this advanced and free windows emulator program. The Winebottler program is advanced emulator program that has some exciting features packed in it.

Another Catalina Option

The best thing I found about this app is the inbuilt app store. The App Store has the list of common windows based apps on installing and running on the Mac. As a user, you need to click on any app and Winebottler will install the Windows version of the program on your mac. The Winebottler program is based on the Open Source tool, Wine, which is commonly used in Linux operating system.

List of emulators

This is a free Windows Emulator for Mac. The WinOnX 2 Pro is made with the. NET framework and eliminates the need for installing Windows on Mac with Virtualization and then run apps virtually. This software program can install and run any Windows software on Mac computers. Also, it is the costliest emulator available for the Macintosh users. It allows you to access any Windows-based program on any Macintosh computer via cloud sharing system.