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Cursor disappears in word 2016

Rest it on a flat surface and press on one end to see if your laptop is still perfectly flat.

Some users have reported that this erratic cursor movement is linked to battery failure on their laptop. If your cursor behaves nicely while the battery is out, you might want to consider replacing the battery on your laptop.

Read More will fix this problem. Let us know which of these options solved your cursor problem. This tip applies to Microsoft Word and You can find a version of this tip for the older menu interface of Word here: Changing the Insertion Point Cursor. With more than 50 non-fiction books and numerous magazine articles to his credit, Allen Wyatt is an internationally recognized author.

He is president of Sharon Parq Associates , a computer and publishing services company. Learn more about Allen It always seems to happen—you print a document and then discover that you should have included one more line of Want to add up a bunch of scores, without including the lowest one in the bunch?

You can make a small change to your When you create a chart, Excel automatically assigns different colors to the various data series in the chart. At some Do More in Less Time! Are you ready to harness the full power of Word to create professional documents? In this comprehensive guide you'll learn the skills and techniques for efficiently building the documents you need for your professional and your personal life. Check out Word In Depth today!

Issues affecting Word features and add-ins

When you first start Word, it displays the Home tab of the ribbon. If you want to display a different ribbon tab by In an effort to make your writing better, Word uses "squiggly" underlines to mark things it thinks you may need to When looking at your document in Draft view, you may want Word to use a larger font than what it normally does. Enter your address and click "Subscribe.

Why does my cursor disappear while typing? - Ask Leo!

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Is it a bug?

Commenting privileges may be curtailed if inappropriate images are posted. I force closed Word because of a mailmerge mashup and when I restarted the Insertion Point was smaller than a period - almost invisible.

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How do I recover the original IP? However, for increased compatibility, documents originally saved in Bean 2 will now open in Bean 3. Changed the width of text in exported HTML to px if the browser width is greater than px. While this is a bit wider than the typical printed page which is what the previous setting tried to approximate , the new setting looks better on most screens.

Fixed a bug where, in a text table cell, any paragraph following and having a different paragraph style from the first paragraph would disappear when selecting the Add Row Above Below, Add Column Before After, and Delete Row Column menu commands Fixed a problem where.

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All images are subject to review. On the other hand, if the cursor remains displayed in Notepad, focus on the applications where you see the problem and do some spelunking. I know. The reset is then complete, and you are ready to try writing again and see if the phantom cursor program still persists. Already have an account? Any update on what the problem seems to be and how to fix it?

Selecting a document in the Finder and pressing cmd-p will now successfully print the file On OS X On Lion, when transitioning to full screen, the single document window is now closed more quickly to prevent problems On Lion, the grouped document window would momentarily bulge via annoying animation when another newly opened document was added. Fixed a problem where the Show Info panel might not update its counts when shown after being hidden Fixed a problem where switching documents in the grouped document window could cause a visual jitter due to the toolbar separator toggling Fixed a problem where the Bean Help document could be exported to a location inside the app bundle.

Bean now prompts the user for a location Fixed a problem where the grouped document window could shift position attempting to cascade when several grouped documents were opened at the same time on Lion Fixed a crash caused when the Open panel preview pane tries to show a document with an invisible table cell border Fixed intermittent crash when opening rtf files with custom rtf data in them due to a RegExKitLite assertion failure; [NSString clearStringCache] solved the problem I had thought Bean 3.

If in MS Office the mouse cursor disappears (is invisible)

I was wrong. Hopefully, 3. Bunge for the improvements. In other words, it is no longer a universal binary. A PowerPC compatible version of Bean numbered 3. A new single document window could open to a small, unusable size. The jewel buttons and the add document button in the tab bar are now resolution independent. As such, Bean version 3. Bean may hide this control due to lack of space. Fixed inconsistant drawing of document tabs Added live updating of text ruler offset for layout views when a window is resized The side bar document list now has a minimum size slightly more than zero to prevent it from disappearing completely There is now a hidden preference to remove the gray hatched tiled pattern from the layout view background.

To re-enable the previous behavior where the resizers are always visible in draft mode, use this terminal command change YES to NO to reverse the setting :. Bean now opens an untitled document if no documents are open after being activated by a click in the dock, as this is standard Cocoa behavior To re-enable the previous behavior where no document is created, use this terminal command change NO to YES to reverse the setting :. The offset of the layout view text ruler now immediately updates when the window is resized In Bean 3.

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The code has been improved in 3. Saving a new document with the same name and path as an already open document in Bean is now rejected with an alert Fixed a bug that could cause the text cursor to disappear due to a negative window number when moving a document from one window to another The Inspector, when snapped to a document window, no longer moves vertically when the Preference window is closed Added buttons for bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough to the Inspector Bean ordinarily reveals newly exported documents in the Finder, but now you can disable this behavior with the following terminal command change YES to NO to reverse the setting :.