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Type a name, an email address, or a phone number in the To field. You can also click the Add button to the right of the To field. Click a contact in the list, then click the email address or phone number. Send a message to more than one person: See Send a text to a group.

Forward a message or attachment

Enter your message in the field at the bottom of the window. You can include any of the following:.

Send texts using Messages on Mac

Type text in the message field. You can use typing suggestions , if available.

Use Your Android Phone with the Messages App on a Mac [How-To]

Press Option-Return to insert a line break in a message. Photos or videos on your Mac: If you need step-by-step directions, Gadget Hacks has a very detailed guide. With that done, download weServer and open the ZIP file. Once it opens, the program will ask for your iMessage email.

How to text from PC and Mac using Android Messages -- available to all now

Make sure to use the same email connected to your official iMessage account, but pick a new password for security. With that out of the way, you can install weMessage on your Android device.

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Your contacts should all show up in the app automatically so you can start texting right away. So even if Apple does try to kill the app, he may find a way to keep it running.

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Jun 18, Want to text someone on PC or Mac, instead of having to use your phone? You can now send and receive Android text messages on a desktop. You can send messages with text, photos, and other files to your friends. Note: Before you can send messages, you need to Set up to send texts. Your Mac can receive and send SMS and MMS text messages through your iPhone when you set up text message forwarding.

The A. Want to text someone on PC or Mac, instead of having to use your phone?

You can now send and receive Android text messages on a desktop or laptop computer using Google's new Messages for web. As of June 25, Google project lead Justin Uberti says everyone should have access to the feature:. Android Messages for Web is now fully deployed - make sure you have the latest Messages client, and then head over to https: Then do the following:.

The ability to send and receive texts on your Android phone and computer has been long overdue. Now that Android's messaging platform supports this, an awful lot more people can start texting without their phones.