Mac volume keys on pc keyboard

Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Mavericks Edition by David Pogue

These keys control the brightness of your screen.

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Tap the key to open Dashboard, the archipelago of tiny, single-purpose widgets like Weather, Stocks, and Movies. On recent Macs, the F4 key bears a logo instead. Tapping it opens Launchpad, which is described on Launchpad.

Tap either or to skip to the previous or next track or chapter. Hold one down to rewind or fast-forward. These three keys control your speaker volume. The key means Mute; tap it once to cut off the sound completely and again to restore its previous level.

Tap the repeatedly to make the sound level lower, the key to make it louder. If you hold down the Shift and Option keys, then tapping the volume keys adjusts the volume by smaller increments, just as with the brightness keys. This is the Eject key.

Mac keyboard shortcuts

Home, End. The Home key jumps to the top of a window, the End key to the bottom. In iPhoto, they jump to the first or last photo in your collection. In iMovie, the Home key rewinds your movie to the very beginning.

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In Safari, they send you to the top or bottom of the Web page. In Word, they jump to the beginning or end of the line. But then again, Microsoft has always had its own ways of doing things. On keyboards without a dedicated block of number keys, you get these functions by holding down Fn as you tap the and keys.

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Pg Up, Pg Down. These keys scroll up or down by one screenful. The idea is to let you scroll through word-processing documents, Web pages, and lists without having to use the mouse. On keyboards without a numeric keypad, you get these functions by pressing Fn plus the and keys. It closes dialog boxes, closes menus, and exits special modes like Quick Look, slideshows, screen savers, and so on. The scripts themselves seem to be flawless… now OSX is another matter. Thanks for your work! See screenshot here: Uncategorized 10 Comments.

Volume Keys on Mac Don't Work Fix it!

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Keyboard Differences - Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Mavericks Edition [Book]

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Altnull Altnull 16 1 2. Keyboard Maestro works with macOS Sierra. Johnny Johnny 1.

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